Part of Valinor Energy

Blue Wind is a company that develops innovative solutions for next generation offshore wind farms.

Valinor is the majority owner of Blue wind, and the largest privately held wind- and solar producer in Norway.

With 900 MW+ of renewable energy projects, these companies represent Valinor Energy: Investments for a better future. 

Our history

Blue Wind was founded in 2019.

The owner of Valinor and the CEO of ViewPoint, a company that develops offshore fish farms with O&G technology, were exploring the idea of using the moonpool of a drilling rig as a support structure for a wind turbine. This was the original idea of Blue Wind.

Today, Blue Wind has matured to a truly innovative consept, based on best practices from the O&G industry in the demanding North Sea.

The technology is scalable to 12 MW+, cost effective to manufacture, install and maintain throughout the projects lifetime.

The current LCOE for floating offshore winds varies between 150-200 euros / MWh.

Equinor believes that LCOE for floating offshore wind will be between 40-60 euros / MWh in 2030.

The Blue Wind technology may result in LCOE that Equinor estimates to reach in 10 years if Norce's numbers are correct.

– Kåre Olav Krogenes, CEO of Blue Wind

New technology will lower LCOE